Frequently Asked Questions:


Q.  What is a group of bats called?
        A. A group of bats is called a "colony."
Q.  What is a baby bat called?
        A. A baby bat is known as a "pup."
Q.    I've found a bat. What should I do?
A. Leave it alone!  Do not handle or pick it up!  Contact Animal Control
                          or your state/country's Fish and Wildlife Services.  Bats are wild
                          animals and should never be touched. They are mammals and like
                          all mammals they can get rabies.
Q.    Why do bats hang upside down?
                A.  Bats have evolved into hanging upside down for two main reasons.
                           First, they can get high up and away from their predators and
                           enemies.  Secondly, by just turning loose and flapping their wings
                           they get "instant flight."
Q.     Where can I get more information about a specific bat?
        A.  Just click here.
Q.     Can I get bats from an animal store to keep?
        A.  No.  Bats are considered a protected species and it's against
                           the law to keep bats unless you are a licensed wildlife
                           handler/rehabilitator.   Bats are not pets and cannot be
                           kept as such.
Q.       How do I get bats out of my house?
                A.  Bat Conservation International offers advice on excluding bats
                           from buildings. Click here to get to that site.  You can also
                           contact your state/country's Fish and Wildlife Services and discuss
                           the situation with them.  But never try to catch the bat(s) yourself.
Q.     What artificial means can I use to attract bats to my new bat house?
                A.  None!  Bats are independent animals and if they find the bat house
                            attractive they'll move in.  Be sure to check out whether or not bats
                            are actually in your area before building a bat house. Also check the
                            conditions needed to assure the bat house will be attractive.
                            Click here to get that information.
Q.        How can I build a bat house?
                A.   Free plans for building a bat house are available from Bat Conservation
                            International.  Click here to obtain plans that you can print out.
Q.        What kinds of enemies do bats have?
        A.     Humans are the biggest threat to bats today.  But bat's natural
                             predators include owls, eagles, hawks, falcons, raccoons,
                             wildcats and snakes.
Q.         How long do bats normally live?
        A.     Most bats live about 10 years.
Q.         What do bats do when the weather turns cold?
        A.     In the cold climates bats either hibernate or migrate to warmer
                             locations.  Bats living in the tropical zones stay active year round.

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