The nearly 1,000 different kinds of bats in the world eat a variety of foods, and sometimes, while doing so, help humans.

 Fruit-eating bats prefer ripe .
 As they fly they drop seeds
which can grow into new trees.

Bats that like to eat pick up pollen.
By going from flower to flower,
 bats help make new plants

eating bats use vision,
echolocation and sounds from their prey to
help locate their food.

Fishing bats grab little out of the water with their claws.  Echolocation is used to find this food.

Most vampire bats drink
the of birds.  One kind of vampire bat
also drinks the blood of other mammals like cattle.  
The study of this bat's saliva may someday help humans with heart problems.

70 Percent of bats eat .  The
Little Brown Bat can eat up to
1,200 night flying insects in just one hour.
This helps all of us.

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