Many bats find trees to be the perfect place to roost and spend time taking care of their babies. Some bats actually live under big leaves and by using camouflage they can hide from harm and danger.  There are other bats that roost under the bark of trees, while still others just hang from the branches

Perhaps the place where most people think bats live is in caves.  And a lot of bats do find these big underground caverns a perfect place in which to raise their babies and to sleep during the day.  Bracken Cave in Texas has close to 20 million Mexican Free Tail bats living there.

At  times bats may use houses or buildings as a roosting site.  Even though these places are not as good as their natural habitats, these man-made structures do offer them protection and are much like their preferred roosts.   

Wherever there is a bridge, there might also be bats living under it.   Even the noise of a busy road overhead doesn't seem to scare them.  As the sun sets, they begin their night flight out to look for food.  It's a beautiful sight to see.

Some bats may find old mines that are no longer being used and set up their colony there.  People often like to explore these mines and when they do, they disturb the bats. Putting a heavy grate at the mine opening protects the bats.  Not all mines are good for bats.  They must be like the caves in which bats also live.

There is another type of home in which bats will live, but often other animals or insects will get in it first before the bats can .  These are bat houses that many people build hoping bats will move in.  There are books in the library on how to build a bat house and where to put it, or click here to reach the web site of Bat Conservation International which can also help provide plans.

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