Here are other ways to learn about bats.
Some of the information may be a little bit harder to read,
but you can ask your parents or teachers to help you.
In this way, they too can get to know
more about bats.  As special, new sites are found,
they will be added to this page.

Link up to Bat Conservation International,
the worlds largest and most active organization
for the study, conservation and preservation of bats.

Lubee Bat Conservancy is
an international non-profit organization
working with others to save fruit and nectar bats
and their habitats through conservation, research and education.

 There is another organization in the
United States that is concerned about saving
our bats.   They teach mainly in the eastern half
of the country and are called
the Organization for Bat Conservation.

Since bats can be found in almost every
corner of the world, there are groups all
around the world who want to help
save them.  Visit them in Canada,
England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia
and the United States.

Learning about bats can
be enjoyed in many different ways.
Here is a site that provides
"A Thematic Resource
for Teachers and Students"

The University of California Berkeley's
Museum of Paleontology
provides indepth research help
for homework that can be
done with a parent or teacher.

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